Backstage Cafe @ Parker Theater: AKA “Parker”

While campus dining isn’t exactly the most glamorous and desired form of eating, my favorite place to eat at SUNY New Paltz is Backstage Cafe, at Parker Theater, or simply “Parker”.

The atmosphere is usually lively due to all the theater kids– I think it’s their natural habitat. It has a college vibe with a hint of personal touch from all the theater kids– the epitome of New Paltz itself.

The ladies at Parker are my favorite. Always smiling bright and cracking jokes, these ladies make the difference. Whenever I go, I get a, “HEY BABE!” from the woman who makes my sandwiches (shut up, I’m terrible with names).

The sandwiches (while not glamorous) are made quickly, tasty, and with a loving smile. They’re also very cost effective: the Italian sandwich I got (shown in the featured image) was $4.09 (I ate the first half before taking the picture, sorry!).

Diagnosis for Parker: Lively and tasty. Amazing customer service. Great prices.

For more information about SUNY New Paltz on campus dining, click here.


food: 7

atmosphere: 7

menu: 6

staff: 9

card? yes

hawk dollars? yes

delivery? no

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To learn about the best food in new paltz, I’m the RestauranTourist.


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