So after a stressful week of classes, my friend Joe and I hung out and got a bite to eat at McGillicuddy’s (or “Cuddy’s” for short). Joe likes going to Cuddy’s because they accept hawk dollars (the SUNY NP student currency). We walk in at about 3:30 in the afternoon, and the place is relatively empty– unlike the usual hustle and bustle during the nightlife bar scene. The hostess greeted us with a friendly smile and asked, “for two?” We politely told her that we would sit at the bar and walked on over, sitting down on two large wooden chairs. The bartender approached us and asked for drink orders. Joe ordered a Troegs double boch (similar to a lager or ale) and I ordered a Brooklyn Lager. The Brooklyn Lager was decent: it didn’t have as much depth as I was looking for. Joe let me have a swig of his Troegs.

I fell in love. (With the beer, damn it!)

It was velvety, smooth, luxurious in my mouth. A warm and almost creamy sensation at first, the dark liquid (but not too dark, just the perfect golden brown shade!) slid down my throat like a delicious mudslide. I have a problem with carbonation, and the Troegs didn’t bother my throat at all. It was simply sensational.

We looked at the menu and Joe ordered his usual burger sliders and I chose my usual basket of sweet potato fries (yeah, I know, we’re so adventurous). One thing I love about Cuddy’s is the amount of sauces they have (even though I think it’s a rip off that you have to pay about 75 cents per side of sauce) so I ordered honey mustard, BBQ, and 3 Alarm sauce. All the sauces were sheer satisfactory (although, just a warning, the BBQ is a little on the sweet side). The 3 Alarm Sauce also was a tad on the buffalo side of the heat spectrum, and not worthy to be called “3 alarm” (maybe 2 alarm at most).

The food came out a little while later (in my opinion a bit too long for a basket of fries and 3 mini sliders in a pretty dead spot of the day customer wise) and I got to try one of Joe’s sliders.


Personally, I like my burgers bloody, so perhaps I’m biased. But the sliders were a bit difficult to eat [I believe they were on a sort of mini egg roll so that made the sliders a tad slippery(no pun intended)] and there was nothing special to them. Jazz `em up, Cuddy’s!

The sweet potato fries were great as usual.

The service was prompt, but not overly warm or friendly (unless you’re on your break at the bar, or one of the managers).

Overall, Cuddy’s is definitely more of a nighttime place– not a great place to go get a quick bite in the middle of the day.

P.S. Try the Troegs ❤


food: 6

beer: 8

atmosphere: 7

staff: 6

menu: 5

card? yes

hawk dollars? yes

delivery? no

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