Jordan’s Bistro and Pizza NOW CLOSED

I’ve been to Jordan’s many a time, but don’t be fooled– I wouldn’t recommend going there. It’s mainly good for a quick slice if you don’t have any cash on you (Gourmet Pizza, although better quality, has a $10 minimum on cards, whereas Jordan’s does not have a minimum).

The atmosphere is nonexistent at Jordan’s– it is a confused restaurant without a set voice. It caters to college students, but the menus have a higher-end crowd in mind. However, whenever you try to order from said menu, they don’t have it. It’s a restaurant with multiple personalities.

Let’s check out the stats.


food: 4

atmosphere: 2

staff: 5

menu quality: 1

delivery? yes

card? yes

hawk dollars? no

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To learn about the best food in new paltz, I’m the RestauranTourist.


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