B-Side Diner & Grill

The RestauranTourist is at it again, and this time I’m coming at you from the B-Side Diner and Grill Newly opened Rock N` Roll eatery, this place is a RestauranTourist MUST TRY! Everything in this restaurant in new paltz–from the staff, to the menu, to the food– is outstanding.

My friend and I went to breakfast one Sunday morning at the B-Side for two reasons:

1. It just opened up and I was curious, and

2. It was quicker than waiting forty minutes to eat at Bistro (although Bistro is awesome, stay tuned for that post).

So Lauren and I walk in and the place is decked out in old, retro, rock n` roll décor. The atmosphere was awesome overall: a huge Hendrix poster, Kiss posters, local paintings of artists actually painted onto the walls– it was sooo cool.

We sat down and our server greeted us with a warm smile. We sat down and browsed the menu.

The menu selection was not only versatile and creative, but it was also inexpensive. That’s a real plus in a college town. A lot of the menu items were named after musicians, which is very much how Rock Da Pasta (another awesome restaurant in new paltz) has their menu. Still awesome. After scouring the menu like I usually do, I decided to order the breakfast bruschetta for $6.95 (I remember the exact price because I remember thinking how cheap it was). Lauren ended up getting the Paul McCartney omelet with home fries on the side.

The food came out relatively quickly, and maaaan was it tasty! Topped with fresh moz and balsamic, my eggs and bruschetta dish was DElish! The only complaint that I have is the bread; although tasty, it could have been toasted a bit more and cut in half because otherwise it would have been difficult to pick up and eat. Overall though, the food was awesome. Lauren decided to order a chocolate milkshake on top of her meal, and that was malty good, too.


Menu: 8

Food: 8

Staff: 10

Atmosphere: 10

Carry Out? Yes

Delivery? No

Card? Yes

Hawk Dollars? No

Overall, an awesome experience. Check out one of the newest restaurants in new paltz– you won’t regret it.

Want to read more about the best restaurants in new paltz? Check back at my blog! In the meantime, here are some helpful links below.

new paltz food delivery sites:

New Paltz Delivery Doctor

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To learn about the best food in new paltz, I’m the RestauranTourist.

Breakfast Bruschetta at the B-Side
Breakfast Bruschetta at the B-Side

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