The Bakery

I’ve decided to post a quick review about The Bakery’s dessert. I wanted to keep their food and their desserts separate. Although I’m not a fan of The Bakery’s Irish soda bread, but I did think that these pop up desserts are delicious. Take this almond raspberry tart for example. It is the perfect size to have you filled and is paired with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee. The almond paste in the middle isn’t too sweet, and it’s a great consistency. The crust on top is done nicely too; it isn’t burnt, and it doesn’t have an excessive amount to it either. The golden brown crust is decorated nicely with a raspberry stained cross and almond sprinkles on top. The only complaint is that I wanted more of the raspberry on the inside. Otherwise, what a fantastic little treat! For the best restaurants in new paltz, I’m the RestauranTourist.

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