Who Is The Restaurantourist?

I originally started this blog as an assignment for my PR Publications class in my senior year of college (shout out to Professor Flayhan: you’re my PR rockstar). My blog started out just writing restaurant reviews about local eateries in New Paltz. That was two years ago.

Today, my blog has evolved. I seek out to learn about peoples’ stories. Stories through food. I started with my own story: about my love of food, my knowledge of my food disorder, and my exploration forward to pursue my career in culinary.

I write for me, for you, for life itself.

I write to study the culture that we have created with food.

I write to discover how we can maintain a healthier relationship with food; how to love it, without lusting it.

I write to share and celebrate triumphs made in the culinary community.

I write to benefit myself, and now you.

I write because I love life, people, and food. Now I can love all three at once.