When Goals Feel like Tasks

Often times with my blog, I feel as though it’s a job. Yes, it originated as a passion of mine (and still is!), but at times I still can’t help but notice my mind creates this shift whenever I tell myself that I need to write. 

I need to write. I should write. Do some work. 

It’s like whenever I attempted to go on a “diet”. I would amp myself up, say that this is going to be some major life change, and then dread eating because it felt like actual work. I had to work at being healthy. And it felt like work. 

Whenever someone else had a delicious treat that I wanted, I longed for it. My eyes would gaze into the glaze of a donut, and I would sigh knowing that I “couldn’t” have that treat. 

It’s not that I couldn’t have that treat. I could (and eventually did) choose to eat the treat. It’s that since I felt as though it was forced/felt like a task, I would eventually revel and succumb to the sweets. 

I realized that my thought process was setting myself up for failure. Addiction is not a choice, but we can choose to work on it for better – or for worse.

 This time around, I have been actively attempting to eat clean. I am not perfect, but I don’t expect myself to be. Each moment I am faced with a choice, I realize that it’s just that- a choice. I can choose to eat said delicious dessert, but in the moment, I choose not to. And sometimes I do! And that’s okay. I have the control. I choose when to say yes, and when to say no. This has been helping me develop a healthier relationship with food which has been my #1 long-term goal. Just like how I don’t want to treat this blog/writing like “work” (because I love writing, and I love my readers!) I don’t want to practice the same thoughts about food. 

If you have had similar thoughts about food or any other parts of your life, I would love to hear about it! Drop a comment below, or email me at aprilpolydorou1@gmail.com.


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